Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Uggly Roving and Dyepots Galore!

You thought I was kidding about the dyepots didn't you?
8 different pots

This is what I got for my efforts:

A nice hodge-podge of colors to mix and match. They were produced from kool-aid and Easter egg dyes. The purple, green and small orange in the middle are mohair. The rest are anonymous wools from sheep shed studio. I'm going to mix them with some black to add depth.

While I was busy with dyepots, this is what was going on in the living room:

I think they must've been sick or something. I'm not used to quiet cooperative play in my house. Maybe the tent city had something to do with it. Oh, and yeah,that's Cessna. She's still kicking, so far so good.

This mixing and matching with the hackle is very addictive. It makes the artsy side of me very happy. I took a bunch of little pieces of fiber that I've been saving in a quart jar on my desk and mixed it with some gray/black/white roving last night when I was supposed to be knitting on the wedding shawl.

Here's a closeup of how it looks on the hackle:

What did I get out of it? Well, most people have Ugly Batts, I have Uggly Roving!

I spun up a little and loved what I got. I apologize for the poor pic of the singles. My camera hates macro stuff.


  1. what kind of camera do you have? Is there a setting on it for taking pictures of flowers? On my samsumg, the flower setting takes good close-ups. Give it a try.

  2. I have an older Fujifilm 3800. For some reason, I can't get the macro setting to work right on it. I'm trying to save up to get a better camera. It's just gonna take a while.