Friday, July 25, 2008

The Feltness Protection Program Now In Effect

I've decided that the wool that is leftover on the hackle after you have removed your roving is not that great for spinning. You're left with tons of tiny slubs that won't draft worth spit cause all the staple that's left is too short. You might be able to use it with something that will spin cotton, but on my wheel, it just won't do. Now, if you want something artsy that will stick out and look kinda cool, you're golden. I will save some of it for that, but the rest? What can you do with that?

I was catching up on blog reading (I'm woefully behind, it's downright embarrassing) and I went to Samurai Knitter's blog and found a great post on making felted catnip toys. AHA!

So I got out the wool, some large Glad containers, hot water, dawn dishwashing liquid, some white vinegar and added two boys to the mix. The boys are optional, of course. Following Samurai Knitter's instructions, I got this:

The balls are not great, but it was fun and gave us all something to do. I made a catnip tea and soaked the balls in it and they're drying in a safe, protected place to dry. Why protected? Because of this:
Widget the Catnip Fiend

This is the cat that goes Psycho for all SPICES. It doesn't matter if it's catnip, pizza seasonings or black tea that you drink. It's all crack to her. She can get downright violent upon occasion too.

She was nowhere to be seen when we started this project. But when we brewed the catnip tea and the smell began wafting up through the house vents? Lo and Behold, Widget appeared! The above pic was taken at that time.

I haven't been able to keep her off the counters since. Thus, the balls are now in the Feltness Protection Program until they dry. Then she can go Psycho all she wants with them.


  1. I love the felted balls - but the picture of your cat - too cute!

  2. Thanks! She's usually very dignified and uppity, so I was surprised I actually caught her in this pose. :)

  3. Felted catnip balls - interesting idea. I have an angora-lop mix rabbit whose fur I thought to spin, but I think it is too short. But maybe if I mix it with some roving.... Does your cat lick or try to eat the felted balls? That might produce felted hair balls.

  4. Another way to make them is to stuff the wool into a nylon stocking and tie it up like sausages. Then throw it in the washing machine. It fulls down to nice balls. Peel off the nylon and voila!

    I love the idea of the catnip tea, too!