Monday, July 28, 2008

EZ complaint

I would like to state to the world now, that I am not enamoured of Elizabeth Zimmerman's patterns. Please don't throw rocks my way before you hear why.
I was working on the February Baby Sweater today. I got to the part where I had finished the sleeves and then stumbled on a little part that says: knitting up 4 x 7. Anybody had trouble there? Yeah. I thought so. It can't be just me.
I agree that she was a genius and a prodigy and years ahead of her time. I'll give you that. However, she kinda sucked at patterns for those that need a bit more explaining. Why didn't she just say "Pick up and knit 7 sts. on each side of the two sleeves (28 sts. total)"? I figured it out after much internet research, but really, would plain knitting english have hurt her when writing the pattern?

Roxie, the 10 month old puppy, had a milestone today. She had her first appointment at the beauty shop. It was kind of a shock. She went in looking like a ratty little puppy and came out looking like a mature Chinese Crested dog is supposed to. The fur on her face had silvered underneath the moppy stuff that we were used to looking at.

Roxie feels glamorous now

I'm up at the lake until late tomorrow night and my camera batteries have gone caput. So if I miss tomorrow, you'll know that I'm traveling back home and have nothing to show you anyway, huh?

I did get a pic of a boy who wants to go fishing though:

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