Monday, October 11, 2010

Look What the Yarn Fairy Brought

I mentioned on Friday that was having a big sale on Rowan Yarn.  Well, look what the Yarn Fairy brought me today:


I can't believe how fast this shipment got here.  What awesome service.  I will definitely be ordering from these folks again.  There's two sweaters worth of yarn in those two bags and the cost comes to around $20 bucks for each sweater.  You just can't beat that price.

The blue is actually closer to a periwinkle blue in real life and is a worsted 75% wool/25% alpaca mix.  The rust color is pretty accurate and is an extra fine merino DK.  I've already go the sweater patterns picked out for these and can't wait to get started.  It'll be a few days before I can get started on it, but I'm so wanting to start now! now! now!
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