Friday, October 08, 2010

Yarn and Pirates

Two quick mentions today:

1. is having a huge Rowan Yarn sale over the next couple of days.  I ordered two sweaters worth of yarn from them for very, very little.  We're talking less than $3 a ball cheap.  How often do you find Rowan yarns going on sale this cheaply?

2.  We're huge Johnny Depp fans in this household, particularly of his Captain Jack Sparrow persona.  Click this link to find out why I now love him even more and make sure to watch the video clip there.  How cool that he took time out to go to a school and spend time with these kids. Here's another link from the Daily Mail that show's her letter.

Note to Captain Jack:  If you happen to read this, rest assured that if you decide to stop by sometime, I'll gladly mutiny on the ol' hubby and sail off into the sunset with you!  Would it happen any faster if I wrote it on notebook paper and drew a skull and cross bones on the page?   Love you.  Call me!

PS.  This little guy would mutiny as well:

PSS. Please ignore the Batman sticking out from under the white shirt.  The kid's a little confused as to whether to be a good guy or pirate, but he leans toward piracy more days than not.
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