Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Super Great Day

My day started off with a real bang.  I took a load of Chimera Patterns, Knitting Gift Tags and Stitch Markers to a local yarn shop, Lovin' Knits for them to sell.  Not only did she want to sell them, she bought the whole load and requested more.

I'm so excited about this!  It's a wonderful opportunity to get my name and product out there.  It's also a great way for the knitters to have one of a kind, fun stitch markers.  No two sets were alike and all are super cute.  If you are in the area and get a chance to go by there, look next to the register for the packages that have a similar design to the pic below.

I forgot to take a pic for you to show you the new packaging that I came up with, but this is a sample of the card that they are mounted on and some examples of the hand drawn sheep that I used for some of the gift tags and stitch markers:


When I get some new packages put together I'll make sure and get some proper pics for you.

We also tackled the Space Shuttle Project today.  We have finished the newspaper and glue part and are now gluing cheap paper towels on top to get a smoother finish.  Cheap paper towels are a lot better way to go, by the way.  The super thick soft paper towels just cause a huge mess.  Besides a smoother finish, the paper towels also add more strength to the project as a whole thanks to all those absorbent cotton fibers.

Something doesn't look right does it?  Something missing?  Yep.  The cargo bay doors are on the floor and not shown.  They will be hinged in so that they can be opened once everything is painted and sealed.


Tomorrow, if everything is completely dry, The Eldest will begin spray painting it white and then we'll add the detail.  To finish it off, he'll be applying another "Mmodge Podge" type coating to make it shiny and to seal the paint.

It's coming along nicely and should be finished just in time for him to turn it in.  I'm looking forward to this project being completed.  It's been a huge time consuming project and has caused the boy tears a couple of times, but I think he's done a fabulous job, don't you?
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