Monday, August 23, 2010

The Magic of Blocking

Want to see an example of the Magic of Blocking?

Here's a before pic while Summerflies (Ravelry link) was on the needles:


Now check it out after it's been blocked:


Now do you believe in the Magic of Blocking?  Yep, thought so.

This was such a lovely little knit.  It's quick, never boring and turned out just right.  Just think, some dude decided that he didn't really like the dark green sweater that his Aunty gave him and donated it to Goodwill as soon as her back was turned.  A few months later and it now looks like this:


I love recycling!  And you know what?  This lovely shawl cost me about $1.00 total, maybe.  I still have a mountain of this yarn left over.   How cool is that?


The only modification that I made was due to the size of the yarn.  I went up to a size 10 in order to get gauge.  That's it, no other mods to see here folks, move along.

By the way, I will not be home much this week due to working the children's consignment sale so there may not be a lot of posts.  Please be patient with me, I'm trying to help a lot of needy children get set up for the winter!
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