Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Joker Wears Pink Hairbows

The craziness that happens twice a year has begun again.  I'm getting ready for the children's consignment sale.  There is crap everywhere downstairs.  My office/dining room has been taken over by clothes, toys, games, puzzles, etc.  There's a very narrow pathway that takes you from doorway A to doorway B, it's just ridiculous.  The foyer has big bins of stuff in it too.  I've gotten three quarters of it logged in, now I just have to add tags to everything. 

I've been fighting a never ending battle with the Youngest over what is going to be sold.  He keeps pulling things out and telling me in a very stern voice, "Mom, we're NOT selling this."  Oh yes we are!  I keep repeating that Christmas is coming and that if he wants Santa to bring new toys, we have to make some room.  It's not working.  The little pest is like a squirrel that you've chased away from the birdseed.  As soon as your back is turned, he grabs something and runs.

The funny thing is, he hasn't played with any of the toys that are going out in over a year and doesn't really care about them. I'm not sure where the sudden possessiveness has come from.  He's really worried that I'll go into the playroom and get rid of all the stuff he really loves.  I've been getting lectures about that too.  It's very amusing to be lectured by a four year old!  I've reassured him over and over, but it's done no good.  I mean, why in the world would I get rid of the stuff he really loves?  Have I ever done it before?  No.

In a completely unrelated way today, I did find the perfect way to tick him off though.  We were riding in the car and I was hearing (ad nausea) about The Joker (one of his favorite villains.)  Just for fun I told him that

"The Joker wears pink hairbows and skips through the fields and picks flowers and has picnics and pretends to be a girl."

Joker wears pink hairbows

Boy, was he steamed!  He screamed, in the car remember, "HE'S NOT A GIRL!"  Then he quit talking to me.

Oh the deliciousness of silence!  :)
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