Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Not To Bring To A Consignment Sale

While at the Children's consignment sale yesterday, I was working at a table checking items in to be sold.  There are two piles that these get sorted into: accepted and rejected.  Most of the items that go into the rejected pile have the usual stains or tears.  No big deal, everyone of us that have children has some of their clothing that has these.  We don't take these to be resold and we don't think anything about them really when they come in with the rest of the stuff.  It's so easy to miss a stain.  I did it too.  I had no idea a stain was on that shirt.  We just took it out of my pile and didn't think about it again.

What does get talked about though are some of the oddball things.  Someone tried to sell a half used bottle of baby powder. Another person tried to sell a "vintage" crib toy that was yellowed and OLD.  I know, I had a crib toy just like it when I was a baby.  Not to say I'm old, of course, just "vintage".  In another ten years I'll be an antique and so will that crib toy.  It was similar to this one, but older and very yellowed with age:


There's no new mother that I know that would buy the one that was brought in, not one.

How much does it say about the economy these days that someone would bring in to sell a half empty bottle of baby powder and an ancient crib toy? 

Of course, those are nothing compared to the used and uncleaned potty chair that I saw brought in to a sale one year.  ICK!
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