Monday, June 07, 2010

Friday DIY Continued

My Laundry Room diy project carried on through the weekend and it looks like it will take me the rest of the week to complete it.  I live my life on a start/stop, start/stop basis thanks to my kids.  So no project is ever completed in a short time span.  Ever. 

There was a rush to get at least one corner of the room finished and that's where my washer and dryer go.  Laundry mountain is about to have an avalanche, so it's critical we get those hooked back up. 

Remember the awful blue and hideous wallpaper?  Here's where it stands now:

You can barely see the wall paper under the primer on the right and on the left is one coat of the paint color that's going up.  It's the same color as in my kitchen since the two rooms are right next to each other.  The wall paper is covering up nicely.  I was worried that it would show through the paint, but it's not.  Yay!

Here's another shot of a different wall.  The paint is a little darker here due to it being dry and the lighting:

The wall to the right is the same one as in the first picture.  The top pic was taken after this one. 

The paint color is sort of a very warm butternut squash kind of color.  It looks better in person than in the pics.  It's a little intense if you are used to white walls, but never let it be said that we are afraid of a little color around here!  It'll come together better when I get the rest of the trim color in and some pics up on the wall. 

You have no idea how much I loathed the wall paper.  Honestly, I was so sick of looking at what was in this room before that I would have slapped up an electric purple and called it a good day. 

I did do some knitting this weekend and there's bad news/good news, but I'll tell you about it tomorrow.
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