Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My Teeth Have Left The Building

Just a quick post today to tell you I had two wisdom teeth pulled today.  I went into the office for a routine cleaning and possibly a filling and left with both my wallet and my mouth emptier.   Thank goodness my parents have my kids today! 

For the past two days I have started the day out intending to get lots of things done.  My house looks like a tornado has come through it thanks to lots of displaced stuff from the laundry room renovation.  It's affected almost every room.  The upstairs is topsy turvy from the boys' room being changed around and everything else has just suffered from neglect.

But have a I done a freakin' thing today?  Not unless you count changing gauze pads every half hour or so.  Yuck.   So, there ya go.  I'm basically useless today.  again.
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