Friday, April 09, 2010

A Trip to the Farm

Our last day of Spring Break fun was spent at two lovely little farms that belong to family members.   Little being a relative term of course.   Both farms are about 25 acres each and have horses, cows, a few chickens and a couple or three donkeys.  Check out this house on my cousin's farm:

The barns for the farm are across a good sized pond.  On the other side of the farm you can see this:

Oh, and look at this old copper washing machine that we saw in the barn.  Thank God for modern appliances.

We also saw this cute little fellow poking his head through a wall in the stalls:

And of course, if you are on a farm, you have to drive a tractor don't you?

I got a souvenir from the farm as well.  As soon as I turned by back on one of the cows, she decided to lick the side of my pants leg.  Yuck.  Cows have slimy dirty tongues.