Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Apparition Yarn

There's been no knitting while at the lake.  Not because I didn't bring it, but because I've been playing with this:

It's been forever since I've gotten out my wheel, but I was inspired on this trip.   The first fiber that I spun was 4 ounces of 100% merino from the KnitWitch from her Essoterica line in the "Apparition" colorway which you can see in this post.   Yes, it's been almost a year since it was purchased.  I'm a little slow to get things done, okay?

Here it is pre-drafted into some little bird's nests:

And here are the singles from it:

Finally, it was Navajo plied into this:

It's still on the bobbin and hasn't been blocked yet.  I'll probably wait until I get home to finish up the yarn that I make while I'm down here at the lake.  It's a lovely yarn and the pics aren't doing it justice.  Once it's finally finished I'll be sure and show you how it ultimately turns out.

If you look at the link to the fiber that I purchased last year, besides the Knit Witch yarn, you'll see another bit of roving as well.  I'm currently getting it predrafted and ready for spinning now.  8 ounces of luscious softness.  70% wool and 30% seacell in a wonderful coral based colorway.  I'm having a ball spinning yarn this week!