Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Trip to Podunk

Today we took the boys to Cheaha State Park.  It's part of the Appalachian mountains and is the highest point in the state of Alabama and it's a beautiful "little" park, if your definition of little is 2719 acres.    It's also one of the oldest parks in the state. 

The pics are not great.   I forgot my camera and had to use my cell phone camera.

This old building's stone work was lovely.  The kids kept getting put out with me for making them stand still to take pics.

It got a little sunny at the park too.

Later we enjoyed driving an hour longer than we should have thanks to getting lost coming down the mountain.  One wrong turn and you end up in Podunk, AL.  I wouldn't suggest doing that.  The Clampett's will be glad to see you though.  Oh, and their neighbors, Ma and Pa Kettle.  

I'm exhausted now and am going to go sip on my Margerita.  Night all!