Friday, January 08, 2010

Searching For Points

Want a fun way to nab some free stuff?  This, in my opinion, is a fun way to be frugal.  Frugal in the sense that I'm not out shopping and spending money, instead I'm sitting at home doing the searches that I was going to be doing anyway and earning points towards prizes.   I just started playing with the site Swagbucks and I'm having a blast.

First off, let me say that I am not affiliated with Swagbucks.  I do not work for them, nor do I get paid by them to tell you this.  Nor have I received anything free yet since I just joined up as well.

So what is Swagbucks?  It's a search engine.  That's it, just a search engine.  But, the fun part, and it is fun by the way, is that by doing internet searches on their site, you can be paid "Swagbucks".  And admit it, you're going to search the internet for something anyway, aren't you?  When you get a certain amount of their "swagbucks" (a fancy word for points), you can redeem them for prizes.  I'm going after the Amazon gift cards myself, or maybe the Paypal one. 

Besides doing searches, you can get your friends to sign up and for every swagbuck they get, you get one too (up to 100, but that's it.)  They also put out random swag codes that you can enter in and get more bucks for it.  There are other ways to win as well, but you'll have to go over and investigate to find out. 

This is a brilliant way for them to market their product drive people over to their site and get the word out about their business.  But more importantly, it's a fun way to earn free stuff.  I'm totally into free stuff.  "Free" is my favorite word, the next being the word "Sale" of course. 

Did I mention that it's "Free" to join?  Just tell 'em that I sent ya!  Yes, this is a gratuitous way to get you as a referrer.  Pass the word along and you can get referrals too.  ;)

Have a great weekend everybody!  I'll have some knitting for you on Monday.