Monday, January 11, 2010

French Press Slippers and One Pink Sock

I've got some actual knitting for you today!  That hasn't been happening much lately has it?

I jumped on the bandwagon and made some French Press Slippers for my mom:

Didn't they turn out cute?  This is the slipper pattern that I've been looking for.  They're perfect.  By the way, if you do the math, this woman has made a mint by selling this pattern.  It didn't hurt her either to have the Yarn Harlot mention her on her blog.  Just think, so far, there have been approx. 1796 people that have made this pattern.  Now at $7.00 a pop, that's just a staggering amount of money, and there are 3,662 people who are queuing up to make it!  

Will someone please kick my brain in gear so that I can come up with a brilliant pattern to sell for this kind of money?  Please?

Over the holidays my Dad requested another pair of wool socks.  When I gave him the last pair, he put them away for the longest time, afraid to use them.  This is a normal pattern for him by the way.  My mom bought him a pair of sandals and it took him two years before he wore them.  But now he's seen the light and wants another pair. 

I haven't been into making socks lately.  They take so blooming long and I never see real progress fast enough to make me happy.  So, I thought, worsted socks?  He'd like a pair for hunting, I know.  Then I decided to try out a tube sock.  Hey, no heel to turn, right?  Not that I hate doing short rows, I'm just feeling lazy.

So I did a test run on some spiral tube socks, for me to wear.  I'm tired of cold feet.  Here's what's happening so far:

1.   I have one sock finished:

2.  I don't like how the ribbing at the top goes on for four inches before the pattern starts spiraling.  If I make it again, I will only do maybe two inches and then start the spirals.

3.  I hate the toe.  These are top down socks and I now remember why I hate those.  I need to find a better way to end the sock by the time I get down to the second toe.

4.  It bunches up a little around the ankles.  Not bad enough to keep me from ever making these again though.

5.  On a good note, they are super warm and I like the color.  It also only took three days to make one sock and that was done in tiny spurts over the three days.
6.  My other foot would like me to hurry and finish up the second sock, it's freezing.

So, I will keep looking for a sock pattern that I like for my Dad that is still in worsted weight yarn.  Shouldn't be too hard.