Friday, January 15, 2010

Pinewood Derby

It's Pinewood Derby season again and I've been noticing a lot more people are searching for ideas.  Last year, my son chose to do a Harry Potter pinewood derby car.  It was a huge hit with all the  adults.  Most of the kids preferred something a little "flashier". 

It's funny how competitive the dads get with the derby.  My husband is a classic example.  He wants to win the fastest car award.  Forget the kid, He wants it.  He sits down every year and tests the axles to make sure that they are straight, even and balanced.  Then he works on the wheels.  They must be slick and smooth as a whistle so they glide faster than everyone else's wheels.  He nabbed some mega wattage sand paper and got to work.  We're talking 3000 grit here that can only purchased commercially.

Me, I tend to look at the creative side of this, of course.  I also want the kid doing as much as possible.  I think he should go for the coolest car every year, regardless of how quick it might be. 

The Eldest decided this year to do a very different entry indeed.  He wanted a skateboard.  Very cool. 

The guys got the form done and the creative department took over.  I had the Eldest spray paint the deck  (look Mom, skateboarding terminology!) with a bright orange paint (Hemi orange.)  He did a good job with it too.

We knew we wanted skulls on it.  I mean, have you ever seen a skateboard that didn't have at least one?  I wasn't going to be able to draw one.  Drawing is not one of my skill sets.  So, I went shopping for skulls. 

All the official pinewood derby sections of the craft stores were searched.  Nothing.  So, I started looking outside of the box.  Know what I found that was the right subject and scale?  Tattoos.  I love looking at things outside the box, don't you?   How many people would look at tattoos and say, "Hey, that would be perfect for a Pinewood Derby Car!:"  Not many I think.

Here's what we have come up with so far:

We're not done yet.  I'm going to mix up some resin and pour over it so that the designs really pop out.  I'm turning into a resin junky.    I'm going to let The Eldest do the resin pouring as well.  He is so excited about this project.  Once it's set, we'll have to drill out the hole again for the wheels to go in.  I'll have pics of the finished project sometime next week.