Friday, January 08, 2010


The kids had a snow day today from school.  Noooooooooooooooooo!    It's not fair!  I just got them back in school.  I could have had a quiet house to myself today.   Oh Well.

We got basically a good dusting of snow, maybe an inch, so all the schools closed down.   You folks up north and out west won't understand this, I know.  You're all laughing your behinds off at us Southerners.

Most of the buses wouldn't have started anyway, but that's not the problem here in this climate really.  The worst problem we have is the ice.  Snow melts and refreezes then melts and refreezes all over again.  We in the South are just not prepared for it.  Our cars and buses don't have skates on them like yours must have. 

Yes, you laugh, but there was a 29 car wreck caused by black ice this morning on the interstate.  Oh yes, there was.  See, if we had skates on our cars, maybe this wouldn't have happened.  Well, it probably would have been worse actually.  We Southerners don't really ice skate well either.  Where are we going to practice?  Yes, there's a few rinks around here, but not enough for most of us to practice on and certainly none that are large enough to practice with cars on.

So there you have it in a nutshell.  The answers to all your questions as to why the South shuts down when we see a few snowflakes.  :)

This was the view of our back yard taken from my kitchen window.  There's no way I was going out there to take a pic, I'm allergic to cold weather.

And check out my front steps.  Snow only stuck to the bricks.  I guess the cement was too warm for it to stick around: