Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Clever Little Shawl 2.0 *Complete*

Over the holiday I finished the second "Clever Little Shawl" (my Ravelry project link)  for my mother.  I even got her to model it for me - to a point.  I had to promise to crop out her head.  Can do.  Here's how it turned out:

From the back:

And on the dress form:

I love this pattern to death! 


1.  It's simple and makes for great movie watching.
2.  It's a reproduction of a shawl from the 1800's.  The history geek in me loves that.
3.  So warm and cozy without being bulky in the least.
4.  Needs no shawl pin to keep it closed.
5.  You pair this up with some cute but simple clothes - dark jeans, black boots w/ a heel, black shirt, and you've got yourself one unique & chic outfit. 

The link to the free pattern is here:  Carol's Clever Little Shawl

My Mods: 

  1. Made the ends 24 stitches wide vs 34 to make it more slender. Increased back up the the proper stitch count on the next two rows after the ribbing section and reversed the process at the end of the shawl.
  2. Began the lace pattern at k2 instead of k1. This began as a mistake, but I liked it and kept going.
For more details, click on the first link above to go to my Ravelry project page.  While you're there, why not give it some "favorite love"?  :)