Friday, December 18, 2009

The Slockin Mystery Has Been Solved

I have solved the mystery of the Slockin.  I feel so smart now.  really.

About a year ago, the kids and I discovered some really cool little movies.  One was about this tiny dinosaur who goes to audition for a rock band.  He ends up dueling (using electric guitars) with this really big ugly guy.  The big ugly guy is the Slockin.  Why the Youngest named him the Slockin?  That's a mystery for another day.

Another little movie that the kids have had me play over and over and over etc. is about two robots.  Everyone in my extended family knows about the robot movie now.  It's even infected my Dad. He and the Youngest now argue over who is going to be the tank "wobot" and the airplane "wobot". 

You should really take a look at both of these.  They're very short, just a couple of minutes each and were done really well.  Like Pixar well.  The movies were done by graduates of the University of Hertfordshire and are absolutely marvelous.  I hope these guys got a job working somewhere really prestigious, they deserve it.