Monday, December 14, 2009

A Gingerbread House for Preschoolers!

On Saturday the Youngest had a birthday party to go to.  That was one brave mom.  She had around fifteen 4 year olds to contend with.  That's way too many at one party for me.  When the Youngest has his in January, he might get two friends.  maybe.

I would be so panicked to have a party right before Christmas.  Can you imagine getting duplicates of the toys that you already bought and have hidden in the closet? 

The reason I'm telling you all this is that I wanted to share a really cute Christmas idea for little hands that the kids made at the party:

A Gingerbread House for Preschoolers!

Here's what you need to make it:

1 empty and washed carton of milk or half and half.  This is the 16 oz size.
Graham Crackers - 6 cracker sheets - do not separate them!
4 Old fashioned soft candy canes
13 chocolate teddy grahams
2 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups - the fatter bite size ones, not the thin large ones
1 Pack LifeSavers Candy
1 bag M & M's
1 bag tiny M & M's
Hershey Bar - fun size
Pretzel sticks
2 Large Marshmallows
Assorted other candies
Polyester Fiberfill
1 can white frosting
Craft or Popsicle stick for the kids to use to spread the frosting
1 toothpick


Have the kids cover the sides of the carton with frosting.  As each side is frosted place 1 sheet of the graham crackers against the frosting.  The frosting acts as your glue.  The four sides will be taller than the top of the carton and will also not go all the way to the corners of the carton.

Next frost your roof, both sides.  Take 1 sheet of graham crackers and divide it in two and place on top of the roof.  You will need to break off the top edges of both to get them the right size to make your A frame roof.  Don't worry if the edges are rough, it will be filled in.

Next fill in the four exposed corners of the carton with frosting and then press in the candy canes.  (See the above picture for details)

Then you're going to fill in your roof edges with frosting and press in your M & M's (larger sized) into it.  The Teddy grahams are used for windows.  There are four on the back and sides and there are two teddies on top and two on bottom.  You frost the back of them before applying to the house.

Chimney - frost one of the peanut butter cups and apply to the roof.

Gum drops - Apply frosting on the plate around the bottom of the house and press the gum drops into that.  You can make a walkway if you want.

Door - Take the fun size Hershey Bar and frost the back of it and apply it to the house.  4 life savers were frosted and used as decoration above the door.

You can use any other assorted candies and apply them as you want.  The kids loved putting all the candy on.

Snowman - Yes, there is a snowman in the photo, it's just difficult to see him.  He's to the right of the house and is leaning over a little.  Use a toothpick to hold the three large marshmallows together.  Frost the front of the top one and then using the tiny M & M's, make a face.  Two pretzel sticks are used for the arms.  Frost the other peanut butter cup next and use as the snowman's hat.

Finish with using some Fiberfill as snow.  It doesn't take much, a little goes a long way!

That's it!  A super cute idea for little hands at Christmas!  I wish I had thought of it.