Thursday, October 22, 2009

Curtain Talk

I'm tackling the windows of my kitchen this week.  This is a tough one for several reasons:

A.  I'm not good with curtains.  I have a difficult time envisioning treatments on windows and when I think about an idea for them, I usually think "that's totally going to suck" and never do them.  The exception being the roman shades in the boys' room.  I love those.

B.  It has to be dirt cheap.  Cause we're broke.  Have you priced curtains lately?  I know I'm going to have to make them myself.

I think I've found a great fabric that is cheap and will bring in texture and has a color that will fit in brilliantly with my kitchen:  Burlap!  I found a few examples on line that I really like and will be super easy to make.  The most expensive part will be the bay window curtain rod.

Here's one example that I particularly love:

  You can see the whole writeup on this over at the Living My Life Outside the Box blog.  She did such a fabulous job with this!

I also want white sheers to go in between the burlap panels that can be closed when the sun gets too hot.  I also want them to be almost floor length. 

I'm off to the store with all my window measurements!