Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rugs & Sweaters

Since I've been on a home decorating kick lately, I thought I'd throw out a question to all of you.  I need to find a 8 x 10' rug for my living room.  It needs to be $400 or less.  Remember the tight budget?  We've got some tax money coming back (finally) and I'm allocating some of it for a rug.   

I had a 5 x 7' rug in our living room to cover a big black spot on the floor, but it's now going to the curb.  The black spot appeared about 4.5 years ago while we were on vacation.  Evidently one or three of our zoo (3 dogs, 2 indoor kitties) decided it would be a good idea to "go" on the floor while we were gone and the house sitter wasn't there.  The sitter didn't know anything had happened.   When we got back, the damage was done.  We did the best we could to fix it barring having someone come professionally sand and strip the floors and replace the boards.  Until we can get the money to fix all of the floor problems, I need a rug. 

Anyone got any good ideas on where to look for inexpensive large rugs? 
Knitting news:  The green sweater has been frogged.  For some reason, every time I've tried to knit with green, I pick a pattern, frog it and then make something that I like.  I'm hoping that when I pick a new pattern for it, things will work out.  Until then, I've begun a new project:
This is the Quidditch Sweater by Anne Bergeron from the book Charmed Knits.  The Eldest has been begging for it.  I figured I'd better make it for him since the last thing I knit for him was a pair of socks about three years ago.  I better indulge him now before he hits his teen years and refuses to wear anything that I make him.
 Don't forget the Contest which ends September 4th!