Thursday, September 03, 2009

Counter Top Follow Up

Several people have asked where to get the Envirotex Lite and the cost.  If you are just looking for a small amount, you can check out places like Michael's.  At my local Michael's, they were carrying this product only in the 8 oz sizes at $11.99.   This size only covers about 2 square feet.  That's not enough to do the job on my huge kitchen.  Just one counter in my kitchen is 10 sq. feet.  I don't think they carry enough in stock to do what I need to do.  Another Michael's may carry larger sizes.  If they do, that's where your Michael's coupon will really come in handy.

However, You can go to the website and they carry the product in the gallon sizes for $58.99.  There's also a product called EX74 that is basically the same product but has a UV filter in it to prevent yellowing, which would be really great for a sunny kitchen.  It also has more "open time" which gives you a little more leeway in spreading and getting rid of the bubbles.  Instead of 25 minutes of working time with the Envirotex Lite, you get an hour's worth of working time. You can get a 2 gallon kit of the EX74 for $105.83. 

Basically, for me it's a size and ease of use issue.  I'll probably be going with the EX74 to complete the rest of the project.  Of course, your mileage and product may vary.

As always, remember to follow the directions completely and keep safety a priority when using these products!  Wear gloves, no open flames, lots of ventilation, etc. etc. etc.