Friday, September 04, 2009

Asymetrical Necklace

Jewelry mania has really bitten me this week.  This was today's endeavor: 

Click to enlarge!

It's worn asymetricaly.  I had a devil of a time getting a photo of this.  If it was laying down, it didn't show it off well and then when I was wearing it, most of the pics came out all grainy.  But I figure these two pics are enough for you to get the point. 

Click to enlarge!
This was a fun piece to create.  My problem solving "skillz" seem to be a bit lacking though.  It took far longer to put together than it should have. 

The black cord is a silk cord, and the silver is silver plated chain.  Almost all of the materials used in this project were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  The two faceted beads came off of another bracelet that I deconstructed.  The chain connector that connects the pendant and the chains, not sure the official term on that part, is vintage from a necklace that was my grandmother's.

I love this!  Not sure what I'll wear it with, but I love it!