Monday, July 20, 2009

Do you ever feel that you waste time while knitting? If you are a process knitter, the immediate answer is no. But a product knitter, like me? That would be an unequivocal, yes. Especially when things don't go as planned, like this past week, on my vacation. Maybe I've lost my knitting mojo. Perhaps my Knitter-fu has deserted me, I'm not sure.

I really wanted to make the 1930's sweater, but it just wasn't meant to be. It ended up being about 2 to 3 inches too short, and that's even with me adding two inches to the sweater above what the pattern called for. Then, to top it off, the arm holes were hellishly tight and uncomfortable once the sleeves were set in.

So. I had actually finished the sweater, but now it now looks like this:


Vacation was wonderful. We went to Port St. Joe, FL. This was exactly the kind of vacation that I had envisioned. We practically had our own private beach and pool the entire time. In the entire complex, we saw a sum total of twelve cars and a third of those were local residents.

The boys enjoyed the trip down:
Ring pops are great for trips!

Built a few sandcastles:
No one on the beach but us!

According to the Youngest, we saw a pirate ship:

I was accused of not being in any of the pics, so I might have made a really bad self portrait:
Please ignore the no makeup, beach hair and cheap sunglasses look! (No, I'm not vain, why do you ask?)

And we stayed in a super cute cottage:
Second from the right

On the whole, everything was great except the knitting. Can't wait to go back. Want to go NOW. I'm not the only one: The Youngest keeps asking to go back to the cottage, but it comes out as "I wanna go back to college!"