Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A new project

It seems that today was a day for killing chickens, so to speak. My apology to those of you that actually have chickens. I'm not allowed to have real ones since I live in snob country. Evidently, anyone that owns livestock is considered riffraff around here.

Okay, back to chicken killing, or in other words, errands. School starts back in just two tiny little weeks. Yippee! Shhh, don't tell the kids I said that. But before school can start, supplies must be purchased and medical forms need to be signed off on, and garbage like that. So, I did at least get the form to the doctor. Then there was the dry cleaners, oh, and a birthday gift to be purchased. And last but not least, The Eldest and I got a wild hair and rearranged the living room. Whew!

Obviously, I haven't knit a thing today. But I did start a new project yesterday: The Green Day Sweater Vest by Mari Muinonen. I've seen some amazing things done with this pattern over on Ravelry. So in an effort to regain my knitting mojo, I decided to try it as well. I'm doing this sweater in the round. That way I can try the d*mn thing on to make sure it fits me as I go along. Kinda important in my book since knitting flat has failed me lately. I did get about 1.5 inches done yesterday. I'll hopefully find some time tonight to work on it.

Oh, and just for giggles, here's the Youngest showing his muscles at the beach last week: