Monday, May 18, 2009

Ongoing Projects

I apologize for flaking and missing three days of blogging. I was hip deep into either the kitchen restoration or recovering from the kitchen restoration. It's not done, far from it. There's still lots to do, but I'm only working on it now a couple of times a week. It'll take a while.

I did get some carding done - still working on my brown sweater yarn project. I've begun carding all the separate fibers together and came up with the percentages. There's 2.5 pounds of fiber, 39% is brown and black alpaca, 59% blend of Corriedale and domestic wools and 2% nylon. It's so incredibly soft. I'd show you pics of it, but it doesn't look much different from the last one I took of the fiber. There's only so many ways you can photograph brown batts of fiber.

My two other ongoing projects had some "big" stuff happen though:

1. The Eldest ended up being the third highest reader of the entire school for the year and got to go to the Scholastic Book warehouse where he was congratulated, fed and given $10 bucks to shop. You'd think he would get books, but oh no, not him. He came home with computer games. Yep, I'm officially raising a computer geek.

2. The Youngest got his first gymnastics medal! Here he is with his best friend on the podium: