Friday, May 22, 2009

Little Nuthin Links

Another day of little "nuthins" since I have nuthin of real value to show you or report.

I was messing around on Digg this morning (I adore this site) and found a few amusing links for ya:

1. And you just thought those nursery rhymes were safe to tell your children. History is a wonderful thing.

2. I've been to a couple of these (Edinburgh Castle - been there twice, and the Tower of London) and I cheated that I didn't see any ghosts.

3. Just for the sweet tooth. From smitten kitchen, a fantastic food blog.

4. You know you feel like this when that one certain child pushes your very last button.

Speaking of that child, we attended an honors day ceremony for his older brother and while I was sitting around wasting time I pointed the camera at the Youngest trying to get a cute pic of him. First I got this:

and then he immediately made this face: