Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Way back in July I got this really pretty batch of roving which you can see here. I am still working on spinning it up. Yes, still. There was/is a ton of it. Part of the reason that it is taking me so long to get this finished is that I am having to card it up to get the various and sundry tangles out of it. On my little dog slicker brushes, that is taking a while. The resulting rolags are tiny.

I picked it up again yesterday and finally found a workable system. I card some, spin some. I had been doing all carding and then all spinning and both were getting tedious. I think that I prefer spinning stuff that has at least some color changes to it. The yarn that I am getting is pretty, but the spinning of it leaves much to be desired.

Here is what I did last night = it's still on the niddy noddy:
Click to Enlarge
I really like the results I'm getting. I just wish it wasn't taking me so long to get it done. I really, really want to play with the fiber that I got at SAFF. I'm trying to be good and finish it first though.


By the way, You know it's getting cold when...

...Every single time you sit down at your desk you get a lap full of cat: