Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I broke out of my crafting comfort zone yesterday to do a little sewing. From Scratch. That's right, no pattern! I don't have any problems making clothing out of yarn. If I mess it up, I know that I can go back and start over. But with a sewing machine? If I mess it up, there's no real fixing it. Once you start in with the scissors on the fabric, if it's cut wrong, say sayonara to the project. So I'm quite proud of what I was able to accomplish in a couple of hours this time.

I grabbed a tutorial off of ThreadBanger about making a hoodie based on a fitted Tshirt that I already owned. This is a great little tutorial. I absolutely love this kind of stuff - Inexact, guess as you go projects. I'm not sure why I was unafraid of this, I'm usually terrified of sewing clothes. I can quilt, but sewing is not my forte.

So, I started with some black velour fabric out of the stash that my Mom donated to her favorite charity, me, and with a fitted Tshirt out of the closet:

Added in a little help from my Mom's Westie:

And eventually got to this:

A cute little shirt for just a few hours of time.

Please excuse the blurry pic and the dirty mirror. (It's hard to photograph yourself in a dirty mirror wearing black velour when your usual photographer is at school being studious.)

I did mess up one part though. The all important hood. It's just not a hoodie without one of those, ya know? Somehow, and I don't have a clue how, it came out too small. So Widget the cat now has her witchy costume (or would that be her Widgey costume?) for tonight:

And let me tell you, she's just thrilled to pieces about it. Can't you tell?