Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Haul

SAFF this weekend was a Fiberholic's worst enemy. Every direction that you turned was fiber, and more fiber, and more. There was no such thing as the "social drink" of fiber at SAFF, oh no. This was the full blown, fallen off the wagon, someone please take my keys cause I've drunk too much (and purchased too much) - Oh Hello Occifer- of a fiber festival!

I might have spent a little too much cashola there too. Um, *shifts eyes right and left* don't tell the hubby or I'll have to lie to him again. 'kay?

Anyway, here's the haul:

1. 8 oz. of Cloverleaf farms Merino Top in Riverstone:

2. The next time I get the urge to dye some wool, I'm gonna play with this, the Lanaset starter set.

3. Exotic fibers - I found Camel fiber, Tussah silk, bombyx silk and a little clear and gold "flash" as well. I was really surprised at how soft the camel is.

4. Meet the alpacas. On the left is the gorgeous black fiber from an alpaca named Sambo and on the right is a deep chestnut brown from an alpaca named Sherman. Normally, being from the deep South, I would avoid anything named Sherman like the black plague, but I couldn't keep my hands off that rich chocolate color!

5. Pre-dyed Cotswold Curls! I'll use these in needle felting and in spinning.

6. Toys! At nine o'clock is some free stitch markers we scored, at 12 is a little tool for making a kind of frog closure and at 3 you have some needles for needle felting.

My Mom thought she was just coming along to keep me company and got totally caught up in needle felting and had to get the stuff to do it. She started with the needles and then I grinned evilly as she paid for it and said, "you know you're gonna have to by roving now." I've done my job as a non sober fiberholic. Yep, she's off the wagon now too! mwa-hahahahahahaha!

Oh, and by the way - It's way too freaking cold here for this time of year! 36 degrees this morning - in October! Brrrrr!

Outside kitty (named Cammie) would like to brave the three dogs and two other cats and two rowdy children and come in now please!