Thursday, September 25, 2008

They teamed up on me

Well, they finally did it. The two little vipers that belong to me managed to make me sick. They've teamed up on me. One has a cold and the other is getting over a stomach virus and now I'm lucky enough to get hit with both at once. Not feeling particularly wonderful now, just sayin'.

I made a little progress on the second half of the W sweater yesterday:
There's only one problem with it. Somehow I've lost two rows at the bottom of it. At least I think that's what I did. I held it against the first one that I did and didn't see that much difference. I think I'm just going to continue on and will adjust for length later when I do the garter stitch band at the bottom. We'll see what happens. Hopefully it won't be too disastrous.

And this is the little weasel that decided it would be funny to try and shut mommy out of the house while she was taking a picture of the above sweater.

Thank goodness he doesn't know how to lock the doors yet. I think I need to start planning ahead on where to hide a key out there. Just. in. case.


  1. My very first thought on reading this post? "She can't have caught a snake disease. That's impossible." x.X

  2. Aww...sorry you're sick. Crossing my fingers that it won't last long.
    You should definitely figure out that hiding place for the key and soon. I think you're gonna need it. :P

  3. healing vibes your way! yes...hide a key soon!

  4. Get well & hide a key. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Only thing, the little monkeys are great at finding hiding places and usually are faster than adults are. Good luck in finding a good spot.

    Hope you are feeling better real soon.