Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My brother is evil - gee, that's fun to say!

My brother did an evil thing. He got me and the whole family hooked on the British TV show, Top Gear. Yes, it's a guy's car show, but I like guy movies and tv show. Blow'em up racing action is where it's at. None of this sappy chick movie/shows for me!

So that's what I've been watching over the internetz while knitting for the past couple of days. I've begun working on the W (from knitty) sweater again. I want to get that finished soon since I've already purchased some yarn for the next sweater in line. I'm about 75 % finished now and this is the point where I get worried.

I've gotten spoiled by the top down, try as you go sweaters. This one is knit side to side in two pieces and there is no trying it on. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. I'm trying a top down baby sweater now. I don't know about a side to side one. I am so not a fan of seaming. Good luck and hope to see some photos.