Monday, September 22, 2008

B-Day Recap & an FO!

Only eight days left in the contest! Leave a comment any time you feel like it and get an entry for the prizes.

I am happy to report that the Birthday Party was a huge success! It was held at Monster Mini Golf which is a glow in the dark indoor mini golf place and was wicked cool. Perfect for a b-day party. The kids played golf, ate cake and played arcade games. There was also some mean Pokemon card trading going on before they left to go golf too!

This is an example of what the place looked like:I had to take this with the flash off so that the black light stuff would show up and of course there was absolutely no making the kids sit still so they're all blurry, but you get the picture.

When I asked the Eldest if he had fun he said, "Yes Ma'am! We should go back there anytime we don't have stuff to do!" I call that a success, myself.


In other news, I finally finished Jaunty Cap #2!

Here's friend bear modeling it for you as well:

I also frogged the first Jaunty Cap that I ever made. I'm not going to waste the Noro Silk Garden on something that I'll never use. I'll put it towards a much more appropriate project some other time.


  1. Lovely hat--I really do like the ragg effect!

  2. ndvjmkI love that hat! Do you have to put anything in the brim to make it stiff or do you just knit tightly?

  3. Anonymous11:44 PM

    The hat is very cute, indeed - "jaunty" is just the right word for it!

    And my kids looooooove blacklit indoor mini golf. There's noplace close to here with it, but we've been to PEI twice and the mini golf there is about the highlight of their trips.

  4. That looks like a cool place to hang out. Glad the kids had fun.
    Love your hat! That is so cute.

  5. Anonymous8:50 PM

    I thought I recognized that yarn! I bought 10 balls of it with no idea what I was going to do with it. I finally made a felted hat, scarf and fingerless mitts for the Ravelympics, but I still have most of the balls left. I love the hat, so now I'm going to have to search your blog to see if I can find the pattern info... :-)

  6. What a fun kids party! Glad everyone was healthy enough to attend.

    The hat is darling. Makes me wish I felt good wearing a hat.