Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lace Update

See this mess? Not my fault. My mom caused this. I showed her how much fun the hackle is today, and she agreed! See the two yellow bird nests of roving towards the bottom left of the pic, right next to the hackle? Yep, she made those. I'm so proud. :)

I promised an update on the Wedding Stole that I'm working on. It continues to grow. I'm still worried that it won't get done in time. The good thing is that even if I don't get in all 13 repeats of the pattern, I can block the heck out of it and it'll stretch to the appropriate size. It's killing me that I can't work on this more during the day. It is just about impossible to work on this while the Youngest is on the loose.

I really like how the beading is turning out. I had to create a different beading diagram from the one that I was given. Not because anything was wrong with it, but because I screwed it up. However, I think I like the way the beads are going now even better. You can see how the pearl beads accentuate the waves on the stole.

The wedding is going to be a seaside one which is why I chose this pattern. I love the waves in it. The lace pattern resembles the shape of the flower appliques on the brides wedding dress.

I think I may make myself one of these in a heavier weight yarn one day. This is going to be gorgeous.

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  1. Exquisite! Delicate and perfect for a wedding shawl.

    My first surgery is tomorrow--we shall see what happens.