Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have begun yet another WIP, Soleil, from Knitty.

Easy peasy so far. I'm adding an extra repeat of lace at the bottom to make it a smidge longer. I don't like where it's been falling on most folks who've made this over at Ravelry. See, that's the genius of Ravelry. You get to see how a pattern looks all made up on a bunch of different body types. Then you get to seethe and hate on all the gals that have nicer bodies than you. :)

I'm doing this in Knitpicks Comfy again since I love the way the last Comfy tank feels. The colorway on this one is in Blackberry. Usually my camera hates purples, but it seems to have gotten over it for this photo shoot. The color in the photo (at least on my monitor) is fairly close to the actual color of the yarn.

The first tank pattern I picked up was the Lelah tank. Very pretty, I was going to add wide straps to it. But. I couldn't get anything to go right on that one. I hated the way the lacework looked on the needles recommended. Way too wide. The pattern on the site is not correct either. I will revisit it later when I feel like sitting down with a calculator to get the needle/gauge/cast on number thing going. So, on to Soleil!

This tank could be similar if I took the lacework all the way up to just under the breasts, but I think I like this one as is.
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