Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Edition

I had the most amazing morning. We went to the Veteran's Cemetery here in Marietta for the placing of the flags on all of the graves. There were boy scouts everywhere. A slew of them.

Did you know that there are over 18,000 graves in there and that the oldest date from the civil war and go through every conflict since then? It took 10 minutes flat for the boys to have a flag on each one. I'm not joking, 10 minutes flat. Simply amazing.
The Eldest salutes the Soldier's Grave

They had some re-enactors there, but not the ones you usually think of around here in the South. Nope, not the civil war ones, these dudes were the first ones, Revolutionary War re-enactors. For your viewing pleasure, here's a posterior pic:
Revolutionary Booty Pic
How in the world did girl's ogle the gents behinds back in the olden days when they wore these types of uniforms? And don't tell me they weren't lookin' either, cause I won't believe it.

And not to be left out, The Youngest spent his time trying to uproot all the flags:

Sorry for the hazy pics, all I had was my camera phone since I forgot the real camera.

I swear that I've been knitting and will give an update soon.

Oh! Forgot to mention, I'm $203.00 closer to my wheel! Someone bought the barbie I had listed. Yay!
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