Thursday, May 22, 2008

Awards, but they're just not for me.

There was little knitting today, but a whole lot of visitin' going on today. Today was honors assembly at the Eldest's school. He got several awards (all A's and a Reading award) and had grandparents on hand to watch him walk across the stage and get his certificates and medals.

Take a look at the pic I took of it. His school principal is an amazon woman. She's over 6 foot and wears heels. Even bending over to give him a hug she's huge, and I don't mean huge in a fat, mean way either. She's just a big, tall lady. I feel so short and small next to her especially when she wears heels too. But anyway, where were we?

I went into the class after the assembly and saw one of the boys just crying away at his desk. He didn't get anything at all, poor thing. He's had a tough time this year with his schoolwork, some of it because he has a hard time getting the concepts, some because he doesn't get everything done that he needs too. It's hard to know what to say to a kid in those situations. I just hugged him and told him that I loved him and left it at that.

Hopefully, if I get motivated and I am left alone long enough tonight, I'll have more knitting for you tomorrow.
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