Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mother's/Father's Day Gift

It's a little late, but today I get to show you the Mother's Day gift that I had the children make for their Grandmothers. This would also make an excellent gift for dads for Father's Day.

This is Reverse Pen & Ink/Painting. You do all the writing and painting on the back of the plate:

The names have been removed, but I wanted you to see where they went instead of just blurring them out.

This is so easy! Here's how it was done.

1. Get a clear, glass plate. Ours was square, but round works great as well.
2. If you have any writing to go on the plate, do it first. It's a bit tricky. To get it right, I took a sharpie and a piece of paper. I wrote the Name 1 down. Then, turned the paper over and traced what I had written, again using the sharpie.
3. Next, I placed that side of the paper under the plate. Your plate should be face down! Trace the backwards name onto the plate. When I was done, I flipped the plate over and checked to see everything written the correct way. I continued with any other names or phrases and did them the same way.
4. Now for the next layer. I had the kids dip their hands into acrylic paint and then put their hands on top of where I had written their names. This did not go over so well with the Youngest. He absolutely hates getting stuff on his hands. I had a tough time keeping him from wiping his hands on his clothes. It was a full on wrestling match as a matter of fact. Acrylics and clothes don't mix well. I'm just sayin'.
5. Let that layer dry. Then I followed up with the background color.
6. Last step - Apply a sealant. I used spray on polyurethane.

Done! Simple huh?
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