Monday, April 14, 2008

The Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend. My spinning class on Saturday was fabulous. The second half of the class will be this coming Saturday. I am so going to get a spinning wheel. It is incredibly meditative and cathartic. I loved it, even though I completely suck at it so far. Practice will cure that though. But first, I have to get the wheel. I'm already deciding what to sell on Craigslist so that I can raise the money.

I just now finished the Lillian Tank Top (which is why I'm posting so late.) It's soaking now and will be blocked in a few minutes. Hopefully I'll have a sweater to model for you tomorrow. It turned out really cute. There are a few glaring mistakes, but they are at the sides of the tank where I had to fudge the pattern to put in the decreases. Yesterday I read an article that gave specifics about decreasing a lace pattern that would have made this so much cleaner. Oh well. At least on the sides they won't draw a lot of attention. I did notice some "rowing out" and I have since, I think, figured out what I was doing wrong. I'm not going back and correcting anything. I'm the only one that will notice the errors and so I'm calling it done. So there.
In it's unblocked state

The Eldest came home with a recycling project that was due this morning. So guess what I, I mean "we" did this weekend? Gibson and Fender watch out, cause Shea's moving in on the guitar made from a shoe box action:
Shoe Box Guitar With Gold Flames

On a good note, The Youngest graduated to his first "Big Boy" bed. He got his very own race car bed. He even went to sleep in his Cars Pjs.

"Fast" Asleep

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  1. Glad the spinning went well - and hope you find your wheel soon! The tank top looks nice - and wow - you finished that fast!