Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lillian Tank Top

The Lillian Tank is complete! Here's the proof:

It's not a great picture, but you get the point I'm sure.

To recap:

Lillian Tank Top done on size 6 needles in KnitPicks Comfy Yarn in Flamingo. I love this yarn and will be purchasing more.
Size: Small on top and Medium on bottom. Decreases set every 13th row of the lace repeat. If I were to do this again I would put them between the repeats. Don't ask me why I wasn't smart enough to do it that way the first time.


  1. Very pretty! It looks great on you!

  2. What a beautiful tank top, and sexy too. I do understand that you are pleased with the result. Great job!

  3. That tank is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job...it fits perfectly!


  4. beautiful tank - it's a great fit!