Friday, April 11, 2008

My new bud Annie

Today was a load of fun! I got to meet Annie Modesitt and take her Cables and Lace class at my LYS, The Whole Nine Yarns. It turned out to be more of a Cables and Combo knitting class because she got a little confused about what she was supposed to be teaching. And you know what? She's great no matter what she's supposed to be teaching! She tells some delightfullly corny jokes while she's teaching and really goes out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable. She's also great about helping those who have difficulties while knitting.

It was fun watching all the people who had never knit in Combination style before. Just seeing all the lightbulbs go off over their heads was great. That part of the class wasn't new to me since that was the way that I learned how to knit, but I sure did get a kick out of other people learning it.

The Cables part was fantastic. She tells a fun semi-risque fairytale story to help you remember how to do the whole "cabling without a needle" thing. You could get a little carried away with that story and turn it into cabling porn really easily. :)

She was a joy to meet and a great teacher. I encourage everyone who gets a chance to go and meet her and take one of her classes. She even graciously stood still for a picture with me too.

I didn't think about it before I went out of the house, but this is the same shirt that I was wearing when I got to meet Alton Brown. This blouse sure does get around, doesn't it?

Oh, and guess what? I have my first spinning wheel class tomorrow. Woohoo! Can't wait!

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  1. Sounds like a fun class! Have fun at your spinning class..