Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lillian Tank Progress

Progress on the Lillian tank, I'm about 40% of the way through. It's taking me a little longer than normal since I'm having to put in decreases as I go up since I'm making the bottom of the tank in the medium size and the small on the top. Oh do I wish I could say I had to do the opposite! I've got to decrease 14 sts. So I'm doing two sets of decreases on each side on row 13 for each of the last three repeats and I'll sandwich in one more as I get to the ribbing. On one side it's working fine and the other it's playing merry hell with the lace pattern. I'm fudging it and carrying on though. Thank goodness I'm not a perfectionist. I will be the only one that will ever notice the imperfection.

I started this with a "new for me" cast on, the Twisted German Cast On. This is like the Long tail, but is more elastic and good with the ribbing at the bottom of the tank. theknitwitch on Youtube has a great video on how to do it. I, however, really suck at either of these cast ons because I can't seem to guesstimate how much yarn it will take to make it work. One day maybe I'll figure it out.

Heh. See that orange thing at the bottom right of the pic? Yeah, my kids have been there again. It's a pumpkin stencil that someone dug out of the toy box and it mysteriously appeared on my desk. Imagine that. See that ziplock bag? Yep, my knitting tool kit. One day I will either make or buy me a cute little bag to replace it, but for now, it'll do.
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