Saturday, April 05, 2008


On Friday I got a gift from my mailman - 6 new skeins of the new KnitPicks Comfy yarn in the color Flamingo. The color is a beautiful blush color. Think of a light zinfandel wine and you'll have the color just right.

I couldn't just let it sit there without playing with it could I? Nope, especially not after messing with the masochist shawl. Away went the nasty shawl and out came the new Comfy.

First, let me say that the new Comfy line is fabulous. It is 75% Pima Cotton and 25% acrylic. It is so incredibly soft and very drape-y.
  • It handles the washing machine and dryer very well and, if possible, comes out even more soft and drape-y. I would like to be able to throw this in the washer/dryer, thus the test with the swatch. It shrank a tiny bit widthwise, but not lenthwise (see below).
  • I haven't noticed any splitting of the yarn as of yet and it doesn't "squeak" a bit.
  • It absolutely glides on my Options needles.
  • Love. It.

I'm making the Lillian Tank Top, so I made the swatch according to her instructions. It is supposed to be 4 inches square. It came out a bit bigger, but I think it'll be okay since I like my stuff a little bit roomy anyway, especially in the summer. I may switch to a smaller needle when I get to the top of the tank, we'll see.
I'm blushing

Pre-wash/Dry = The height/length of the swatch came out to 4.5 inches and the width was 4.25 inches.
After washer and dryer = height was 4.25 width was 4.25.

Stitch gauge = 5 sts/inch
row gauge = 7 rows/inch

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  1. I was wondering how this yarn was - thanks for the review. I made that top last year for my daughter - it is a great pattern. Enjoy!