Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here it comes

Someone remind me why I wanted another child? Especially one that's precocious and hard-headed stubborn?

Remember yesterday's incident of the diaper and shorts coming off? Yep, happened again. Sure sign of almost being ready for potty training. I think he's more ready than I am.

I dread this process. Not just the usual potty training, I'm ready for that. But I am not ready for this stubborn child to dig his heels in and decide that he doesn't want to do it just because I want him to. Also, communication is not all there yet. I don't think I have a choice at this point though, especially if he keeps taking his pants and diapers off because he doesn't like the feel of being wet. Wanna see the Youngest in action?

To make it worse though, not only did he pee on the floor today, but see that cube there in the background? He peed right through that little door there on top of a whole bunch of toys that were stored away underneath it. Fun huh? Pray for me.

Knitting news to come tomorrow.
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