Thursday, February 14, 2008

Progress on Circular Shrug

I love my mailman. He brought me more yarn today! This is the yarn that I will be using for my cabled pullover:
Wool of the Andes - Iron Ore

As I said last time, progress is slow on the Circular Shrug. It takes way to long to make one row. There were 240 Stitches cast on. I am working on the 5 inches of k2p2 right now and then I will go into the mock rib section and do that forever and then another 5 inches of the k2p2. The stripes will be vertical on the finished product. Maybe this will make me look skinny? I can only hope.

Isn't the colorway pretty?
This is my last post for the week. I'm leaving town early tomorrow morning for South Carolina for a family reunion type thing. I'll see you on Monday. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!
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