Monday, January 14, 2008

Mohawk Beanie

Now I know why I see so many hats and bags and small projects on everyone's blogs. The instant gratification of completing a project in just a few days is so awesome.

This is not my usual thing. I tend toward sweaters and socks mainly. I'm taking part in the KAL over at the Sexy Knitters Club for the Bella Paquita sweater. However, I realized that I'm missing some needles that I need. I headed to KnitPicks and ordered some more, but now I'm at the mercy of the US postal service.

Thus, the dog sweater and hat kick that I seem to be on. I need fast, easy and fun projects to while away the time until I can start Bella.

That all being said, I finished the Mohawk Beanie for the Eldest on Sunday afternoon. As goofy as he looks in it, He is totally loving it. He couldn't wait to get to school to tell everyone his Mom had made him a hat (and I heard him do it too.)

Showin' off the 'hawk.

My wannabe skateboardin' punk rocker

It ended up being a bit too big for him as you can see in the second pic. I adjusted it by sewing a small seam in the back and now it fits perfectly.

I found a few errors in the pattern, but if you count carefully, you can correct them as you go. On her site she also has directions for doing this hat in the round, but they're not very clear. You are going to have to carry the fuzzy yarn on the inside. I don't think I could stand to have that much fuzzy stuff on the inside of a hat, so I made this one flat instead.

But this is perfect for silly 7 year old boys!


  1. I have seen this hat and I am so sure that your son is not the only one who loves it. My son would probably "rock that hat" if he had it. We recently saw a guy on a motorcycle with a mohawk helmet...bizarre but cool.
    Your little dude looks so cute in his matches his shirt. Awww..

  2. Love the mohawk beanie!

    I too ordered from Knit Picks. On the 4th, my order just shipped today...don't they understand that I NEED those needles?

    : )

  3. Anonymous11:15 AM


    i did one too