Saturday, December 08, 2007

knitting causes bad dreams

Do you have stress dreams? You know, those dreams that cause you to have nightmares; those dreams that are the symptoms of the stress building up in your life?

I have two and they come and go interchangeably with no notice. I expect one of them anytime now due to the socks that I'm making for my Dad for Christmas. I hate being under a time constraint, I really do. Pressure is not good. Pressure bad. Pressure causing stress. So. I'll either have dream A. or dream B. sometime really soon. Guaranteed.

Dream A is where I'm arrested for something I didn't do and no one believes me and I'm sent off to prison. I've never been in jail and hope never to be in jail so don't ask me why this one keeps recurring in my slumber.

Dream B however, has happened in the past. You see, in this dream, I'm back in college (God forbid) and it's coming up on finals week. The problem though, is that I've skipped too many classes and no matter how well I do on the final, even if I ace it, I'm still gonna flunk the class. But wait! I've just got to ace that exam. Maybe God will step in and save me somehow and let me pass that class!

I'm tensing up just writing about them. No kidding, Dream B is particularly stressful and while I was writing about it my shoulders slowly crept up to my ears.

These socks are killing me!

By the way, notice the Christmas ornament update. The kid got another one.
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