Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm on the Pay It Forward bandwagon!

So I'm jumping on the "Pay It Forward" bandwagon. Have you heard about this? Feel like doing something for someone else?

Be one of the first three bloggers to leave a comment requesting to join this PIF, and you will receive either a handmade gift or knitting yarn or quilting supplies from me at some point in the next 365 days. I'm changing the standard rule of just a handmade gift to add the option of giving knitting/quilting supplies instead. I can't guarantee the gift will be knitting, but I promise it will be fun!

What's the catch? You have to promise to do the same for someone else. Just put these simple directions on your blog, get your three comments and it's off to the races! How much fun is that? You'll feel great about giving and you'll make some friends as well. I know I'm excited about it!

To follow the links to see where this all started, begin here at the Arts & Quilts blog.


I found some sites with videos and tutorials on Knitting and one on crochet that I thought that I would share. Some are basic How-To on knitting, but there's some really interesting stuff for intermediate and advanced knitters as well.

Check them out:

Knitting Links

Mostly Basic Sutree

Ehow Knitting Videos and tutorials
Make: Blog Videos

Crochet Links

Ehow Crochet videos and tutorials
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